Below you will find links to some of my favorite rowing sites, rowing people, and companies. These are businesses and people who strive to make our sport better by moving it forward in an innovative and positive way. Learn from them, buy from them, and enjoy!

My “Go To” Crew

The people and organizations listed below have been friends, influences, mentors, and all around great support as I’ve developed The Cox Guide as well as my own coaching. Please take the time to get to know them.

  • Mike Davenport and his Nuts and Bolts Guide to Rigging were the model for the Cox Guide. Mike is a teacher first and foremost and his insights into coaching are second to none.
  • The Joy of Sculling created and hosted by veteran coach James “Jimmy” Joy is more than a venue for lectures, but a coming together for coaches who want to go beyond the obvious mechanics of the sport. If you want to be a truly rounded coach this is the event not to miss.

Coxswain Specific Camps

These camps, from my experience, offer coxswains more for their money than simply steering a shell while rowers get feedback. Camps change, so don’t take this as the definitive guide, simply a starting point.

  • Sparks

Coaching and Coxing Education

  • Institute for Rowing Learning (at CRI in Boston)
  • USRowing
  • 9th Seat (Olympian Mary Whipple’s site)

Equipment Manufacturers

Boat Manufacturers (8’s and 4+’s)

Oar Manufacturers

Coxswain and Coaching Tools