Since starting to coach in 1988 I’ve spent a lot of time developing documents and tools for helping me manage my athletes and teams. The biggest myth in coaching is that you simply show up, hop in a launch, coach, and go home. The logistics of running a team and getting the most from your athletes so they can have the best experience possible are huge and really just as important as the training and technique. Maybe more so. What I want to share with you are some of those documents and tools that I feel have been the most helpful for me and my athletes. Everything from recording erg scores to setting the tone for a team needs your consideration and I’ve probably created that documents so you don’t have to. You’ll need to adjust it for your own circumstances, but hopefully what I have to offer will save you some time.

Now, mind you, many of the things I’ve developed started as something someone else shared with me that I then took and ran with to make it my own (maybe better, maybe more complicated…). Sharing information helps us all grow and I hope that as you look through these documents that you’ll be inspired to share what you’ve created as well. I’d love to hear what great ideas you’ve come up with to make my own coaching better! Drop me an email and let’s compare notes.

To get you started, I’ve shared a group of my most commonly used files. I’ll be adding more soon!