Coming Soon: check back for details!

Friends, this is an idea I've been toying with for some time now. Life (as in my day job and raising a family, on top of coaching) has prevented me from pursuing it further. At this time I am still collecting my ideas with the hopes of working on the project. I think much of it could end up in a 3rd edition of the Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing. Only time will tell, but you'll be the first to know! Thanks for checking in.


Dear George,

You'll be glad to hear that my copy of The Guide is by now extremely dog-eared... So at this point I have to thank you for showing me that there ARE people out there who empathise with the cox's predicament, and thank you too for all the priceless info in The Guide. Cheers mate, and thanks again. Kind regards,

~Alan, a British Cox in Hamburg