"The best place to learn is in the coxswain seat. . .

So why not learn from the best: On The Water Audio!"

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PLEASE NOTE: The OTWA CD is currently out of stock. We are pressing new CD's now and hope to have them available again in June. Thank you! 5/23/2014

It's here! The Down and Dirty Guide to Coxing's presents your chance to ride along with some of the best coxswains in the world. On The Water Audio puts you in the coxswain seats with U.S. National Team and NCAA champion coxswains during practices and races. You get to listen to how they direct, interact, and focus their crews. So if you have often wondered just what to say during a long piece, how to motivate a crew in a high stakes race, or how to keep it all together in the coxswain seat, this is your tool for success.

The CD contains over 75 minutes of material in 10 tracks. Eight pages of liner notes provide bio's on the coxswains, and additional thoughts on coxing and the important things you can learn from the listening to the coxswains on the disc.

Dear George,

I am a development coach at secondary school in Victoria. I had the privilege of having an ex-cox as my coach for two of the crews I rowed in. One of my biggest tasks is selecting and coaching coxes, and I found Your Guide is one of the best sources of information about for the young cox. Listening to the race calls on the CD makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I have been through the manual... the second edition of your fabulous publication.

~John, coach, Australia